Cheap is the new cool…


Dateline Lunchtime Hanoi – Crab noodle Pho, Chicken noodle Pho, 2 beers plus tip included equals….stay with it…..hang in there…..Holla, $6 dolla. (sorry, beers already gone)

Giddy up.

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  1. Yum. Sounds like you’ll be doing plenty of good eating in Hanoi. Imagine how many kids we could feed here at BUILD on a nightly basis if our food budget was that low! Keep plugging away Brian!

  2. Did you get to see Hanoi Jane? How did you travel from China to Hanoi? Are you going to the southern part of Vietnam? Looks like a great lunch, what kind of beer? Sing-Sing? Don’t Pho-Pho around, get er done.

    1. Hey, Hey , Hey….Captain Jim…great to hear from you my friend. No, Jane was busy…china to Hanoi is 3 hours…getting into the country is easy compared to the rings China makes you jump through. I was in Hanoi for 5 days, now Ho Ain…and today going to HMC (Saigon) 6 days. 98 F out there right now… HMC for adventure of course but also business. As it relates to Beer…I am drinking Tiger a lot and 333. good stuff. Look for upcoming post as I compare Vietnam vs. china in all things…Jim – thanks for message. Keep in touch. And remember…you are one of my key mentors…always will be. Thanks for eveything

  3. Good to hear from you Doobs – I was wondering what you were eating! What is the standard tip amount over there?

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