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Check out our latest video (5:11 min).  Looking at all these clips make me realize how lucky I am.  I hope you guys enjoy this one….and if you do, would you consider donating to The Wandering Capitalist?  Goto and hit the donate button on the left.    BUILD – Greater Boston, NFTE – Chicago, and Future Founders – Chicago are the real deal making a difference in under-privileged kids lives in Chicago and Boston.   For those of you who have promised to donate, DO IT NOW.   Thank you and be cool.  In fact, be like the wind!


production Ken Haldeman

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The Wandering Capitalist is a non-profit foundation that raises money for organizations that serve at risk youths with an interest in entrepreneurship and small business ownership.

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  1. Brian, watching that video made me realize one thing, also: How lucky you are! You have seen some incredible places! Also, your blog posts are great, and your photos (the sand dunes especially!) look like they were taken by a pro. Well done! Thanks for all you do to support BUILD Boston and the youth we serve!

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