Throwback Thursday – Unabashed Laos

So I found the following video  on my hard drive that Ken produced awhile ago and I never published…what is WRONG with me?  (Please don’t answer, I am being rhetorical.)

I was in Laos mid June of last year…and who would have thought that  I would be posting this while sitting on a coral beach in Fiji! No, life doesn’t suck…

And when I say coral beach, I mean coral….check out the “sand” along the coral coast of Viti Levu island, Fiji:


foot training for fire walking
foot training for fire walking

A little about Ken Haldeman….a great friend, a board member of The Wandering Capitalist, and our everything IT/production guy.  We are getting more and more sophisticated as we go along with these videos, as this one demonstrates…and all due to Ken just figuring it out.

One thing comes to mind on the day I went up the river in Laos to the Buddha cave.  we pull up to a dock in the middle of no where after travelling 2 hours into the jungle to find 3 ladies with 3 of the cutest little girls you would ever meet….just sitting there at the base of a mountain…apparently waiting for visitors.

I am the only visitor for the day.

they explain to me via hand signals (no engli, no engli) that the cave is about a half a mile straight up via what seemed to be 10,000 steps.  “Where do I go?”  I ask….follow the girls they motion….as the little ones start racing up, & up, & up.  I follow and they are doing laps around me….going up, coming down, urging me forward.  I take multiple breaks and they are laughing at the foreigner.

I finally make it and it was awesome…not because it was so great but for the effort to get there…and because of the company:


To the Buddha cave, Robin
To the Buddha cave, Robin


What dawned on me on the boat ride back was that I had a blast and it would not have been possible in the the States.  Why?  Would anyone in our society let three female children go up a mountain for over an hour with a total and complete stranger who doesn’t even speak the language?  I think not, Batman.

Sign of our times….

Please check out the video.

production by my friend, the Venerable Ken Haldeman

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