Check this out – only 2 minutes – pic slideshow of my visit to Hanoi

Hanoi is a rush.  Can’t wait to explore Ho Chi Minh City.  People tell me that Hanoi is to Ho Chi Minh as Washington DC is to New York City.  Do I have to tell you which of these two American cities I prefer?

I like cities that don’t sleep.

Produced by Ken Haldeman

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  1. Love it! We are living this through you, great job on this clip Brian & Ken!

  2. Nice slideshow. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Your still a
    dinky-dow-contro. Ask one of your Vietnamese friends. Cute!

  3. Absolutely amazing!! What’s up with the ride for the day? Could have logged another 10 easy.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful faces, colors and scenery. Take care, my brother. It was nice to see you.

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