How to know if you are in a communist country

Uncle Ho Mausoleum
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Young Ho Chi Minh
Young Ho Chi Minh

school field trip - dewing Uncle Ho under glass
school field trip – viewing Uncle Ho under glass

Presidential Palace - even communist revolutionary leaders need a nice crib
Presidential Palace – even communist revolutionary leaders need a nice crib


Greetings from Hanoi!

So how do you know if you are in a communist country?  No, people don’t go around calling you comrade…and nope, there isn’t bread lines or vodka or noodle shortages anymore.  Not every communist country invades Ukraine either…BUT…they all have their “George Washington”  figure embalmed and looking like a pickle alla Madam Tussaud.


The Ruskies have Lenin and Stalin preserved under glass for viewing while the Chinese do the same with Mao (Zedong – how many other Mao’s do you know?)


You know why…part of the story and propaganda to keep the gig rolling.  People in power like to stay there I am told…good to be king and all that.  While visiting with Uncle Ho it was amazing to see all the little school kids there for field trips. Tight security.  All cameras had to be checked. Marching soldiers.  Very serious.  No talking!  (no kidding, my partner Stan got yelled at)   The viewing folds right into the blown out museum.

I liked the guy after going through the program.  Uncle Ho.

Postscript – what would be our equivalent?  Going to Lincoln memorial?





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  1. Nice narrative ! Uncle HO? Funny. Keep writing updates and let’s raise some money!

  2. You’re not in Kansas anymore. It must have been difficult for “YOU” not to talk. Be safe. Enjoy

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