Biz trip Bangkok & the 4 edicts of selling

IMG_7523Just back from Thailand visiting suppliers, learning real estate, and chilling in the 90 degree weather – hey now. Bangkok has a chaotic energy unique to itself.

Why do I go and visit?

Hotel view Sathorn Road
Hotel view Sathorn Road

Funny you asked….here are my 4 edicts to successful selling:

You got to wake up – get out of bed and try hard. Duh. Effort still trumps everything.

You got to show up – emails are good but personal relationships are key. Face to face meetings still matter. Whence Bangkok.

You got to shut up – as in your mouth and listen for what people need.


Always ask for the order – Literally say “may I have the order?” as often as possible.

Do these and you will be better than most.

May & Ooy
May & Ooy

So score another 25 miles over eight (8)days for BUILD to the tune of $9.78 per. Pathetic actually.

Total donations now are topping $20,000 … on the way to our goal of $50,000!
Thanks alot for your support.

 Thai Boxing at Rajdamnern Stadium
Thai Boxing at Rajdamnern Stadium

Who wants to win a tee-shirt?:

the first two people that can explain why I am donating $9.78 instead of $10.00 will win a TWC tee-shirt. PLEASE contain your excitement….

Adios for now.

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