My new stupid pet trick – The Wandering Question

Think The Wandering Capitalist goes Walter Cronkite (NOT!)….or more accurately, Baba Booey.

The Premise:

Go out with IPhone in hand, meet interesting people, and ask them the one question that will expose themselves a little bit.  In other words, it’s the “find the hot button” game with strangers.  If nothing else, it is a way for a lonely traveler to make new friends OR enemies.  Here is one of my first attempts from last June.  I promise to get better:


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  1. I gave it a thumbs up Doobs! Well done and be safe out there my friend!

    By the way – that’s actually 2 questions when you add the “and why” at the end. Just a suggestion, but I think you should follow up those questions with “tell me one thing you would change about yourself” – this could be physical, emotional, spiritual or whatever.


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  2. Hello Brian,

    I’m excited you are back on your quest. Please keep the updates coming. I look forward to them You’re a good man. Be safe and enjoy.

    Your friend, Paul Alviti

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