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A few of my favorite posts from across all my travels.

Searching for gobachev

Three things to say about my visit to Havana: Don’t believe the hype. It is absolutely hassle free to visit…

Meeting a Danish (or Dane?) in the land of Falafel

  Hey Now: Met a great couple from Denmark this past weekend.  Yes, we talked some politics and again it…

Biz trip Bangkok & the 4 edicts of selling

Just back from Thailand visiting suppliers, learning real estate, and chilling in the 90 degree weather – hey now. Bangkok…

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A few of my favorite videos from across all my travels.

The Wandering Capitalist & Beings of Africa

Unabashed Laos

TWC in Ho Chi Mihn

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A few of my recent posts.

Adapting COVID & The Wandering Capitalist Manifesto

Hey, Hey, Hey, Ladies and Germs – DATELINE CHICAGO – Over the years, people have visited The Wandering Capitalist to…

May Remembrances & The I Can Sell Anything Post

So my good friend Gene died a year ago this past May. Here he is in the group shot below….Gene…

Channeling Mandela

Bangkok, Rio, Barcelona, and…CAPE TOWN comprise my four favorite international cities in the world. With apologies to Rio, Cape Town…

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