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A few of my favorite posts from across all my travels.

Searching for gobachev

Three things to say about my visit to Havana: Don’t believe the hype. It is absolutely hassle free to visit…

Meeting a Danish (or Dane?) in the land of Falafel

  Hey Now: Met a great couple from Denmark this past weekend.  Yes, we talked some politics and again it…

Biz trip Bangkok & the 4 edicts of selling

Just back from Thailand visiting suppliers, learning real estate, and chilling in the 90 degree weather – hey now. Bangkok…

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A few of my favorite videos from across all my travels.

The Wandering Capitalist & Beings of Africa

Unabashed Laos

TWC in Ho Chi Mihn

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A few of my recent posts.

Winning The Mentor Lottery

Hey, Hey, Hey – A key to a successful life is having good mentors…and if you don’t have one, then…

Dateline Costa Rica – Beauty and The Beasts

Costa Rica is a magical place. Here is a one minute video for your viewing pleasure….think Hawaii 50 years ago:…

(Dis) Incentives & The Where To Live Project

Charlie Monger has a famous quote and it goes like this: Show me the incentive and I will show you…

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