Hey, Hey, Hey Now…good morning ladies and germs:

Several people have asked how I come up with my blog post topics…well, here is this morning’s inspiration:

be like the wind….smell roses NOW

This puts me in a writing state of mind…so let me just wing this…

You got to visit the Vatican when in Rome – unbelievable. Did you know, it was the most visited tourist place in the world in 2018…46000 visitors per day, 6 days a week:

27 Euros a pop…

Can you say CHA-CHING!

Antiquities at every turn…

And THEN there is St Peter’s Basilica. This is the biggest church IN THE WORLD. See the lettering at the top in the pic on the left? Those letters are 8 feet tall:

One big difference between Chicago and Rome? No skyscrapers in Rome…in fact, nothing can me taller than St Peter’s. I like that.

And now a contest:

The first one to tell me what is below and who created it, WINS a free Wandering Capitalist Tee shirt! (applause)

SHHHH…no pics allowed

Adios for now…and goodbye Italy!

and just to be sure you know, click on pics to get full view.



Thoughts bouncing in my big head:

Damn, things are changing quickly nowadays….and I think people struggle to keep up.

Check out this cool video. I didn’t make it, my Iphone did (without asking):

“Tuscany , the land of wine and cured meats”

Cool pics below, yes? I took one ground photo and the phone did a “fly by” of the colosseum. I stopped it in mid flight…

We are just getting started, my friends…I don’t think we would even recognize the world 10 years from now, so buckle up. Artificial Intelligence will have a bigger impact on our lives than the internet has. I don’t know if this is good or bad…actually, I am sure both…but one thing I know for sure:

Be a quick learner and stay up to date. Embrace change or be left behind. Does this explain a lot of the populist movements going on around the world right now? I think so…

And don’t worry about your privacy, it’s already gone. Genie long out of bottle.


It is hard to resist – Florence and the Renaissance

So I never had a clue of the Renaissance and what it was. Now I know…started after the black dealth in the 1300s….explosion of art and philosophy and individualism. All Started in Florence.

(sidenote – whenever the bubonic plague comes up I always think of that Mel Brooks line…” alot of rats, not enough cats!” – but I digress)

So what is Florence like?

  • Tons O’ Tourists.
  • Tons of high end shopping . (strike two)
  • BUT…masterpieces around every corner which makes it a must visit.

Everyone knows this guy….the kid that felled Goliath:

And ironically, right next to Michelangelo’s masterwork is an ode to another famous Italian:

And I’m not lying

So sorry. But seriously, check out these two badass works of art:

Architecture too..for days:

And finally, who knew? The Renaissance was the beginning of the photo-bomb too:

she got me

Adios for now.

Searching for gobachev

Three things to say about my visit to Havana:

  1. Don’t believe the hype.

It is absolutely hassle free to visit Cuba. The visa process is legal and done at your airport just prior to boarding. Passport stamped. No problems in or out.

2. Visit Cuba. It ‘s a BLAST.

The people are welcoming and friendly. The culture is unique and vibrant. it seems to me that everyone “pulls the rope” in the same direction…as they have to in order to get by. Help thy Neighbor.

A few fun facts:

Everyone makes $30 a month whether you are a cardiologist or bathroom attendant. Can you say “side hustle”?

Internet is purchased by the hour for your cell phone. See you at the park to find the local WiFi hot spot.

Rum is cheaper than bottled water. Riddle me THAT, batman…

3. The Military government runs the deal .

Bring extra toiletries and flip flops when you visit – you will be fast friends with the people.

No wandering questions in Cuba. People afraid.

Everyone under 45 years would move to the USA today –TRUTH.

They wait for THEIR Gorbachev moment.

And for your viewing pleasure, aqui hay un sabor de la habana:

la hospitalaria Habana

do those that wander ever get lost?

Hey, Hey, Hey, Now!

Hello everybody & where the heck have I been, you ask? Well, lost some weight, got some hair plugs, and decided to pick up baseball and hockey again…

Many thanks to the fabulous Murray for the pics and for building that porch. I loved that porch.

Truth be told, Here was the highlight of 2018 – 1 year now and counting!

And now, having gained my sea legs, The Wandering Capitalist(s) is back. What’s different? Now there are two…and now our organization is a federally recognized 501C3 charity .


Just know that 100% of the money we raise goes to our three (3) charity partners BUILD-Greater Boston, NFTE – Chicago, and Future Founders of Chicago. 100%.

Great people doing great work.

By subscribing to my blog, you will learn more of what they do for sure…AND…still follow the rumblings and bumblings of The Wandering Capitalist (s), as we trip through our travels.

Next stop Europe. Never really spent alot of time there. Should be interesting.

Oh, and please check out our web page at:

This is now where you can donate directly to The Wandering Capitalist, 501C3 public charity (hint, hint). And yes, fully tax deductible – BAM!

And finally, a quote that I think summarizes Miya and I:

“To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.” – WE choose to go far.

Adios for now.


Yo, Yo, Hey !

Do you know what the word  “glutton” means?  Holy Mother of Pearl….Spent the last 4 days drinking wine, eating steak, and taking in the views:

NOTE TO SELF – Savior places where I can simultaneously swim and gaze at the snow capped mountains…

Mendoza is to Argentina as Napa is to USA.

I think I could get used to this…although I would be dead in a year – Damn.

Day 40 .  Splurge trip.  #grateful.



Well hello ladies & germs:

A new feature on The Wide World of The Wandering Capitalist.  No rhyme, no reason…just cool pics with (sometimes stupid) commentary.

And Awayyyy we go:

Sitting on the balcony in Cartagena…rolling thunder…I turn on the video on a whim…and….


Bonita.  Mother Nature = Powerful Beauty


“Como se llama?” De Salta, Argentina

These boys tasty too.


Speaking of food, Argentina is known for their Carne…

Hey Now.

And I do love empanadas…

Yes that much.  

And finally, fishing the old fashioned way…with interested parties looking on.  Dragging in the nets.


Click on this pic for a bigger view.

Adios for now.

The Wandering Capitalist And The Hub & Spoke Method

Hey, Hey, Hey –

So back in the day I would “run like the wind” and bounce from place to place.  Rip and run…Hard.

Now?  Hub and Spoke, baby.

Pick a hub city, lay down temporary roots, and then spoke out to different places always returning to the hub.  Days of rest in between.  The middle aged way to travel… Ahhh….

So the first hub on this trip was Caragena, Colombia.  Last spoke Was Medellin.  This place ring a bell?   think “Norcos”  on Netflix.

Al Capone is to Chicago as Pablo Escobar is to Medellin.

Medellin is a cool place actually….and literally….the city of eternal spring.  Please check out this short video on this hub and spoke leg.  But before you do –

If you couldn’t be a human, what animal would you be?  Funny, but answers are usually similar…what say you??

So where are we now?  New hub is Buenos Aires.  Oh,  the fun of travel…thinking…what to do now!??  This place was supposed to be real nice…and not cheap!!

I guess we will see how good Airbnb really is….

This is one animal I would NOT choose to be…Damn.







Roadtrip Colombia

Driving long distance in Colombia was a trip.

76 miles Cartagena to Barranquilla .

66 miles Barranquilla to Santa Marta.

142 miles Santa Marta to Cartegena.

Caribbean Coast.  Beautiful.

How is it to drive in Colombia?  Picture hilly two lane roads, large slow trucks, and long lines of cars passing on both sides at all times.  Solid lines – who cares?  Blind turns – no problem.

I thought I was playing Atari video.


Ever go into a hotel room and have it so polluted with bacteria that it made your head swim?  What happens if your partner is allergic?

“Down Goes Frazier! ”


New hotel booked from parking lot and away we go.

Soccer in Colombia is NFL football X 10.   World Cup qualifier vs. Paraguay?  X 100.


Going from hard Scrabble Barranquilla to Bohemian Santa Marta is like Travelling from Newark, NJ to Martha’s Vineyard. Ahhh….


Please check this short vid out to get a sense.  I love Colombia.





And the Winner is…

So we had 516 entries in the 2017 TWC caption contest…ok, actually 16…all vying for the following prize:


Easy killer,  just the shirt.



Phil Alviti, voted most popular class of 1982, Peabody High School. Yes, that Phil Alviti…

Honorable mentions go to:

Fred Jones for “Spread your wings…treasures of the world await” and

Rick Merryman for “I told my contractor Brian was pliant, not a giant!

Tee Shirts coming your way also!

You are my brother, Elvis.  Love ya.