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Caroline & the French Prospective

Hey Now –

I want to introduce you to Caroline,  a new friend of mine who lives in Paris, but for the past 9 months has taken assignment in Johannesburg, SA.  People like Caroline are the main reason why I love to travel – she is smart (a banker!), articulate, and has opinions and  experiences different from  us Americans.

So what do you think of Americans, Caroline?

Very classy and tactful answer I would say.  It reminds me of a quote from Mike Tyson, of all people:

“If you are not humble…life will visit humbleness upon you” – the voice of experience wouldn’t you say?

I had some good conversations with Caroline & another new friend, Thomas ,about our differences.  Thomas is my age, 52, and quite a cool guy.  He is German.  He markets and sells beer at the biggest brewery in Germany – not a bad gig.

The biggest thing they cannot wrap their heads around came to light when I told them I own firearms.  They cannot understand why anyone besides farmers & ranchers should have guns.  Big divide there.  Also,  the “weapons of mass destruction” debacle and the Iraq war is still an open and festering wound.

My personal take-away?

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” But if not us, then who?

It is tough to lead the world and we will never always be right or do the right things.   We are good…actually great… but imperfect for sure.   At the moment, I think a lot of Europeans’ around my age have many attitudes about America shaped over our history & policies in the Middle East.  Like it or not,  good or bad….that is the deal.

And my biggest take-away?  Sometimes we should listen to Mike Tyson. Me included.

What are your opinions of Europeans?  Of this post?  Remember, hindsight is always 20/20.

Adios for now.

Wandering Questions from Asia to Oceania

Hey now…I am back!

It has been nearly a year since I wrapped up the Inaugural Wandering Capitalist fundraising campaign, having arrived home from the Philippines last Feb 28, 2015.  Dam…too long.  Life always gets in the way, doesn’t it?

Check out the  video  for a taste of things to come.   Hey Jimmy Kimmel  – Hell’s coming for breakfast! (view time 8:42)


production by Ken Haldeman







My new stupid pet trick – The Wandering Question

Think The Wandering Capitalist goes Walter Cronkite (NOT!)….or more accurately, Baba Booey.

The Premise:

Go out with IPhone in hand, meet interesting people, and ask them the one question that will expose themselves a little bit.  In other words, it’s the “find the hot button” game with strangers.  If nothing else, it is a way for a lonely traveler to make new friends OR enemies.  Here is one of my first attempts from last June.  I promise to get better:


Hoi An Beach – Wandering Interview 1.0

So here is the first Wandering Interview…and let me just say, these interviews will be works in progress! Yes, you will have a hard time understanding Phi…but I had to post because she was such a cool person. The backstory: Phi is 29, married, with two small kids. It was 95 degrees the day we met and she was walking up and down the beach all day selling water & soft drinks, sunscreen, cards, and various trinkets. When I told her that I was from America she insisted on giving me a free soda in return for conversation so she could practice her English. Everyone wants to learn English. No, she would not let me buy the soda. Yes, so I bought something else – Tiger Balm. Cool, real person. Here is Phi: