PLEASE READ THIS ONE – Outback Birthday & A Special Favor to Ask You

Hello Everyone:

So this was the first Birthday I ever spent away from friends and family.  I turned 51 on January 8th….but I gotta  tell you something…

I feel 49!

So what did I do?  I found myself in the geographic center of Australia… getting my “Crocodile Dundee” on…

Check out the video and then please read what I got to say afterwards:

production by the venerable Ken Haldeman


The primary purpose of my trips this past year has been to bring awareness to and to raise money for BUILD – Greater Boston.   I believe in what these folks are doing….a lot of kids in this country have been dealt a tough hand…BUILD works with the most vulnerable teens….teaches them entrepreneurship…shows them what it’s like to make some money…and uses this as a hook to get them into college.  As Americans, it is in all of our interests for this cause to be successful.

For my birthday, I am asking everyone that has been following me to donate $5.10, or $51, or $510 to BUILD  – Greater Boston.

Consider this a birthday present to me.  It’s cheaper than taking me out for dinner and drinks, isn’t it?

If you have already donated, can you spare another $5.10 or $51.00?  If you haven’t…can you please consider?

Have you gotten at least a couple laughs at my stupidity?  Get the crowbar out, open your wallet…and go to and hit the “Donate” button.

Can you remember when you were young and you were at a critical juncture in your life?  We’ve all been there…could have gone either way…remember?  And then someone helped you out and made an impact…just enough to get you in the right direction?  This is what we are talking about here.

This  is for teenagers at a critical stage in their lives that could use a nudge in the right direction…it is good for our country, it’s the right thing to do…and…it’s just good karma.

Birthday present to me.

Appreciate the support.

Adios for now,


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The Wandering Capitalist is a non-profit foundation that raises money for organizations that serve at risk youths with an interest in entrepreneurship and small business ownership.

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  1. Hi Brian Happy Belated Birthday. Need to redo the pic from where it all started. The crown jewel of Mass got buried this week. Keep up the effort.

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