Beaches of Australia – Sharks and Stingers and Crocs – “Oh My !”

The beaches of Australia are some of the best I’ve ever seen….check out a couple of pics:

Sydney's famous Bondi Beach
Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach


Many beaches along the Eastern Walkway – breathtaking…

Two days after I left Sydney, the evacuated Bondi Beach due to a shark siting.  Sharks have killed around 20 people in Australia over the past ten years.  They use helicopters to spot’em, nets to keep them out of the bays, and chum stations to keep’em occupied & away from the surfers.

Not kidding…

Entrepreneurs are always looking for opportunities.  Hey BUILD kids , take note.  Fitbit for sharks!

ABT...Always Be Thinking
ABT – Always Be Thinking

Up north on the East Coast, they don’t have to worry about sharks too much….that is the least of their worries in the water.  Take a listen to Steve:


He is not kidding either….check out this sign at the beach we were at:

dip anyone?  Free vinegar for everybody!
Vinegar for all !

So what do people do?  Where do you teach the little ones to swim?  It must have been an Australian, I reckon, who came up with the ” salt water pool next to the beach” idea.

Super cool. Here is the one at Bondi:


And now a serious trivia question :

Why don’t sharks eat clowns?  Does anybody know?


Wait for it…..

Because …..they taste funny.   (please hold the applause)

BTW – for those asking for bigger pics, clicking on an image will blow it up.  Also, the last two pics are videos.

Adios for now.  Next stop The Outback.



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  1. Nice pics. Brian. Looks like you’re enjoying yourself. What else did you do besides beaches and drink Shiraz (and miss your meeting…LOL)? Can’t wait to see the Outback!

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