Queenstown, NZ & Stupid at 51

Queenstown is the biggest tourist town is New Zealand. Skiing in the winter, adventure activities & wine tours in the summer…and always breathtaking scenery.

Check it out:

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One thing I learned while in Queenstown is that Migrant farm workers from Mexico are to the USA as European high school/college graduates are to New Zealand.  Tons of kids come to NZ on 1 year work/tourist visas to tour this beautiful country and to work on the farms.  Alternating…8 weeks working/6 weeks traveling- Brilliant!   (note UK influence)

I learned that I can still hang with the Millennials – but just barely!  Germans, Dutch, Norwegians,  Italians….every stripe except American kids.

Why is that?  Well, only 36% of Americans have passports…while 50% of us have been to Disney World- ouch.

Mark Twain once said “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness” – I personally know this to be true.

Meet Rubin & Marco, two German kids who just finished High School  and are doing a NZ stint before starting University.  We had some beers after our leap and they agreed to answer a couple of questions…


Hey American kids…come to Queenstown when you’ve finished University!

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  1. That death defying leap got our checkbook out!

    BUILD.ORG $ on the way!
    – The Wandering Capitalist jumping to it!


    BRAVO! BRAVO! YOU CRAZY MOTHER F@#$)R! Great Blog post! Nice program for the students in NZ -work for adventure.

    Stay thirsty and safe my friend!
    Jeff & Maria

  2. Any man willing to risk his life for a cause is good enough to get my money.

    BUILD.ORG Check on the way!

  3. Hi Brian,

    Wow!!! I would have need clean underwear after that jump.. I am going to make another donation in honor of your courage.. Where is the donation link? I donated before but do not see it..

    I miss you. Lets plan dinner when you get back..

    Your buddy,


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