The dead serious origin of calling your friend “Mate”.

Dateline Melbourne:

So let me set the scene…I just arrive in Melbourne..throw my bags in the room and I am off to explore.  The receptionist at the hotel tells me of the free tram that takes you around the CBD (central business district) with a recorded tour presentation pointing out the sites.

She had me at “free” and didn’t even know it.

I walk around the corner…see an interesting pub and decide to get a quick glass of Shiraz in order to decompress from my travel day.

Know one thing about Australia – they know how to make Shiraz.  Big fan.

Anyway, there I meet Dave and Em…2 months married and relaxing at the bar.  They then proceed to say what I have heard multiple times during my stay in Australia …

“Buy the American a drink” they say….and they do.

Dave & Em - nicer people you will not find
Dave & Em – nicer people you will not find

4 hours later we walk out of that bar and over to Chinatown for dinner.  Over dinner,  I mention that I am not comfortable with the whole “matey” thing…and Dave explains:

in WWI when the Aussies and Kiwis and Brits were in the trenches together, getting ready to charge…they all knew they were about to die. This war was the largest carnage in world history by the way…and before they would jump, each would look eachother in the eye…shake hands…and say  “goodbye mate”.

Meet At The End….as in heaven.

And now you know the REST of the story.





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