The Crown Jewel of Australia

Hey, Hey, Hey…

So two of the coolest days I had in Australia was checking out one of the best natural wonders I have ever seen, The Great Barrier Reef.  As most people know, my home town Peabody is affectionately known as  the Crown Jewel of Massachusetts. Quite famous, The Peabody Tanners.

Lets see how they compare:

home in Peabody, circa Jan 2015
Parents home in Peabody, circa Jan 2015 – ouch.


Here is a video of the Reef;

production KJ Haldeman


Maybe the Great Barrier has a slightly bigger crown.







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  1. Barrier Reef is impressive—- however, my vote is for Revere Beach and Peabody. Snow fall thus far in Jan has exceeded normally what we get for the whole winter.

  2. Let me see if I got this right. While your parents are buried in snow you are basking in the sun down under. No wonder you are my hero.


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