I dig S&M…..(Sydney and Melbourne, Silly)

Australia is a lot like Canada, I reckon…let me count the ways…both huge countries with relatively small populations.  Both are rich in natural resources and their economies are fueled by huge commodity exports.  There are three large cities in both…Sydney, Mebourne, & Brisbane in one….and Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver in the other.  Both part of the British Commonwealth & love their Queen.  The people are similar too…very cool, very friendly, and with their own quirky vocabularies and mannerisms…that IS for sure, Mate (couldn’t resist.  this will be 1st and last time)


I am starting to say “I reckon” a lot…

Sydney & Melbourne  were a rush.

production by the venerable Ken Haldeman



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  1. Looking good Doobs! Although I would have preferred a photo of the kangaroo (or as they are locally called ‘roos’) to been taken in the outback – not at the zoo (I.e., I see the fence in the background).

    Looks like a beautiful place! Be safe mate!

    1. actually you are wrong…they were wild roos…that come down from the woods to eat grass off the soccer field…not kidding. there were probably 50 of them….in the Grampian mountain range outside of Melbourne. Great to hear from you, Lou…love you guys.

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