Happy New Year Sydney & Grumblings Over The 1:30 Lockdown


Hello Everybody & Happy New Year to all!   The fireworks in Sydney Harbor cost $10,000,000 USD and are probably the most effective marketing tool I have ever seen for a city…the world is always watching…

Amanda at the local "hotel"
Amanda at the local “hotel”


I got a bird’s eye view from from the Edgecliff part of town:


One thing people were complaining about….last year in two separate incidents, two 19 year guys got stupid drunk and got themselves killed in street fights….whence the campaign below.  This public service announcement is all over the city:

dont be stupid

(the blood stain says “Stop before it gets ugly”.)

As a result…all bars are locked down at 1:30 am…not closed…but new people cannot come in after 1:30… and…if you leave to smoke, you are OUT!  Last call still 3 am or later.

How would our cities handle it?   Interesting…

People in Australia love their beer that’s  for sure.  Take for example Vegemite.  Sound familiar?  Think back to the song from the boys down under, Men at Work…

um, um good?  Vegemite.
um, um good? Vegemite.

It is good…I think.  As explained to me, this is basically beer made into a sandwich spread – from condensed yeast of barley and Wheat…BEER!

Other fun facts about Sydney:

Pubs here are called Hotels…and some have a room or two above for rent.

Michael Jordon still very popular.  Why on earth?

the beaches are awesome but some have nets in the water to keep sharks out – not kidding (insert “Jaws”  music here).

Haven’t met a unfriendly person yet…hang at a bar and people start buying you drinks.

Giddy up.

Warren, my new best friend

I should have titled this “the rambling post”.  So sorry.

Adios for now (refuse to say G’day).





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  1. Wonderful to be in friendly Sydney for New Years. I was at Butch’s where a guy from LA said you never meet anyone in a bar in LA, very unfriendly.

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