Sunrise and Sunset in Bagan, Myanmar

Don’t forget to pack bare feet when visiting Bagan.

Super cool place. You can feel the energy. Bagan is an ancient city in the Mandalay region of Myanmar dating from the 9th century. With over 4000 Pagodas and Stupas, it is one of the major archaeological regions in the world.

Bonus points for anyone who can tell me the difference between a Pagoda and a Stupa (This is what you call good Buddhist trivia).

In each structure is a statue of Buddha. No shoes allowed inside and the ground is smoking hot!

Here are a video and pic from sunrise:


And sunset:


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  1. Since travelling is not my thing, I am enjoying yours from my living room.. Thanks, Linda

    1. Wow! Great hearing from you Linda(do you mind if I call you Linda vs. Mrs. Kipnes? :))! Didn’t know my parents told any of their friends about the blog…glad you are following..still in the cape, no?

      thanks for checking in.

  2. I think a pagoda is tiered-shaped and a stupa isn’t. (channeling by inner Buddha…)

    1. Betsey – great to hear from you! Thanks for the “likes”. No, a stupa you cannot go in…the Buddha is sealed in there…and they are usually pointy like an upside down top…a Pagoda – you go into it and pray in front of Buddha.

  3. Oh that’s easy….a stupa is when Greg is really MAD at me…he gets in a real stupa!!…No just kidding…a Pagoda is tiered with eaves…A stupa is a dome shaped monument…It house Buddist relics….Ding ding ding I win!!

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