Learning as I go about blogging – email followers go to blog to view videos

so when I post a video it shows up in the emails just like a picture. there will be a link…either at the bottom or the title…that if you click it will go to the blog and you can see the vids…for now on, in the post, I will inform you if some of the pics are actually videos. For example – The Bagan sunrise and sunset blog below contains two cool videos…check them out. There have been several others also….all good I think/hope…although Tarantino ain’t losing sleep, I assure you.

Other housecleaning:

If you want to see where I have been so far, go to my home page at http://www.thewanderingcapitalist.org…and click on the “itinerary” button on the left hand side. then go to Travel map, and viola! I try to keep it up to include my very NEXT stop…

Also, below the buttons on the left is the BUILD logo. Click on it to check out what they do, will ya? what they do is cooler than Began…and not as hot on your feet! Donating a couple of bucks will make you feel good…try it, you just may like it.

Adios for now.


PS bonus pic – a look see into one of the Pagodas:


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