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Greetings from Bagan, Myanmar. So what you see here is lunch…native Myanmar food which I would say is similar to Indian vs. Thai/Vietnamese. I met a cool dude from DC and had lunch with him…he is the person who took the pic…interestingly, he is in Myanmar trying to figure out how GE can do business there without breaking any sanctions – Sanction compliance officer – who knew such a job.

Anyway. Cost of meal including two beers each? $3.50. Only one problem. One hour later I experienced an involuntary abdominal evacuation. Ugh.

They say you haven’t been to SE Asia until you have gotten your first bout of food poisoning.

box checked.

I stayed off the Myanmar food thereafter. Contrary to this is Thai street food. I went hog wild in Thailand and experienced no such problems. Maybe dumb luck…probably. Here, take a look. This the street that my hotel was on. People just getting set up for the night. When night falls, multiply these folks by 10 for my street, Soi 11:

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