Round & Round in Thailand

Rotary Thai Style
Rotary Thai Style

For my New England friends…this rotary is for you!

I published this to use as a feeble metaphor for what is going on in Thailand at the moment. Round and round the government instability goes….First off, I don’t know if they ever want me back here…my first time visiting was in December 2004, when the tsunami hit…2nd time was July 2011 during the great 100 year flood…now the Coup of May 2014.

What up?

From what I can tell, it is the same old story…corrupt politicians stealing money for themselves and their buddies. They have bribed the real poor to be on their side with handouts…and the rest of the people are fed up. This has lead to the protests that were starting to turn really violent and thus the army stepped in. All of my Thai friends support this move and do believe the Junta will turn over power to a new government, as they have done in the past over this same current issue. Round and Round they go. As I said in a previous post, this has crippled tourism. I am in Ko Samui, an island paradise during high season at the moment, and it is empty. I feel bad for these people. The only impact on typical life is a curfew was instituted from 10 pm to 5 am throughout the entire country….off the streets…but that has now been changed to midnight. I have also noticed that the BBC and CNN are off the TV – no rabble rousing from the western media allowed apparently. The average Thai is not happy with our USA Ambassador who has been vocal saying the Junta should set up free elections NOW. They want us to mind our own business and let them sort out their own situations.

This is the sentiment from the ground in Thailand…from people like you and I. Everything is safe and in control. How has our media portrayed it at home? Is there a lesson here?

Please comment.

One more thing – for the first time in my life people are requesting more pics with me in it…usually things better off without me…but here is one from Bangkok:

Pain & suffering under martial law - with my dear friends May and Oi
Pain & suffering under martial law – with my dear friends May and Oi
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  1. Glad you can endure the “pain and suffering”. I haven;t noticed much in the media in the US about Thailand lately. I have fond memories of that country and hope the people can keep their normally cool heads about them. Not surprising about the US Ambassador and is symptomatic of US foreign policy seemingly bereft of strategy for last several decades. Stay safe.

  2. I still think our rotary in Revere is better than that one!
    And FY – your Chicago Blackhawks are headed to game 7 to decide who goes to the Stanley Cup finals to face the Rangers. The situation in Thailand gets a little coverage, but enough about politics….how is the magic thumb working?

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