Channeling Mandela

Bangkok, Rio, Barcelona, and…CAPE TOWN comprise my four favorite international cities in the world. With apologies to Rio, Cape Town has got to be the most beautiful. From 2017 trip, three of my favorite shots:

“The Mother City”
Cape of Good Hope

Do you know the name and significance of the island in the background?

shot atop Table Mountain

That’s Cape Town hugging the shore and in the distance is Robbin Island, infamous prison that housed Nelson Mandela for over a quarter century.

Mandela was imprisoned for leading a nonviolent campaign against Apartheid in South Africa . In 1994, after 27 years in jail, he was released and then went on to become President, where he lead his country to racial reconciliation and peace.

Martin Luther King 2.0.

When asked:

” how did you survive your 27 years in prison?”

Mandela responded:

” I WAS NOT surviving, I was preparing…

How are YOU using this COVID downtime? Me? I am channeling my inner Mandela.

Hey Now.

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