The Wandering Capitalist meets Beings of Africa

Hey Now!

Back from Africa for a little over a month now.  I am finally learning how to make quick videos from my IPhone and here is my first attempt.  2 min. and 16 sec so not too long…check it out and let me know what you think.

And…so what animal would you want to be if not a human?

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    1. it was me taking the video…I was right behind him…the lion was REAL close….but it views the whole truck as one entity….the guide was saying…don’t move, don’t move….if we moved then the lion would know there were people in there…..

  1. Wow.. I am impressed.. I am starting to work on running a marathon on every continent.. Only 5 left.. I need to find on in Africa.. Maybe Cape Town? Have a great weekend! Best, Ed

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