“I am sorry but we have lost your socks”


This is my attempt at doing a “Humans of New York” post.  Have you heard of this guy?  Brandon Stanton.  Street Portraits.  If not, check him out…the guy is kinda famous now…I  saw his book prior to the trip at the local Urban Outfitters which, to me, means he made it mainstream.  But I digress…back to MY post & Sofia –

The hazards of travel. Her smile keeps me coming back even though there have been issues.   Sofia is a great people person.  I should have her selling plastics…or at least doing collections! Sometimes it is just natural. As she says “made naturally & served happily.”

I like.

The lesson?  Smiles go a long way.

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  1. By the looks of that video, and doing some quick math using your $9.78/mile walked, you have personally donated $0 gor your latest jaunt. Let’s get walking Doobs!!!

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