Of Friends & Money

Hey, Hey, Hey:

Traveling to far away places with your close friends is the best. Dateline Delhi, June 2014:

“Sikh and you shall find”

Jeff, Me, and Ken.

Do you Know Hunter S. Thompson? Interesting guy and interesting life. In a Playboy interview 1974 he said this about friends:

“To have a good friend, you got to be a good friend.” – another Golden Rule, I would say.

Now About MONEY:

Stay with me on this –

total net worth $$ value / monthly $$ spent = Freedom margin, measured in TIME.

If you have $1,000,000 and spend $100,000 per month then your freedom margin is 10 months – ouch.

If by contrast you have a $1,000,000 and you spend $5000 per month, then freedom margin is 16 years.

To me, the real currency in life is TIME (OK – and HEALTH).

Rich is a lot of money. Wealth is freedom.

Adios, Mis Amigos

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