And Another Reason We Americans Have Won the Lotto

Hello Everybody –

How the heck are ya!

Thought of this post as I hear from family and friends hating over the political situation at home…..Hillary & Donald & Bernie Oh NO!  Teddy & Kasich & Congress OH MY!


Does anybody know this guy?  Free  tee shirt if you really knew “His Excellency” before reading the caption below the picture.


Robert Mugabe.  92 years old.  President  Zimbabwe since 1980.

I was recently in Zim and could not get one person to comment on his Excellency.  They are afraid.  People turn up missing.

Mugabe is positioning his 50 year old wife to step in upon his demise.  Expect total chaos.  Meanwhile, Zimbabwe has 80% unemployment and widespread poverty.

Please meet Margaret.  She is from Congo and had to leave.  Civil wars and dictators since the mid 1990s and ongoing.


Bill Bennett once said that you can tell a lot about a country if you envision opening up all of the doors.  Do more people run out or run in?

USA –  in.  Most African countries  – out.  Most countries in the world – out.  Look at all of the Middle East at present.  OUT….except Israel of course….but that is a story for another blog post.

In the USA we take for granted that power, even at the very top, transitions seamlessly.  Rule of law is our biggest strength.  By being born in the USA, we have won the Lotto.  Just ask the people from Congo or Zimbabwe.


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  1. Brian, this is a very compelling point and spot on. No matter who wins the election here in the US, we know the person will be gone in 4-8 years. In other countries, people are stuck for a lifetime and often trapped in poverty. We’re blessed to have freedom of speech, free enterprise, and a strong election process – no matter how wild things currently seem.

    Ayele Shakur
    BUILD Boston

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