7 Days Namibia

What a cool place!  Animals & deserts.  So Namibia is about the size of the whole Midwest and has but 2.5 million people.  it is one of the least inhabited places in the world


It has the oldest desert in the world.  The tree skeletons above are over 600 years old.  The dune in the background is called Big Daddy.  It is the largest one in the world….

(please note:  my father says to remind you that you can click on the pic to blow it up)

dune 45

Doesn’t this this look like a painting?  It is for real…look at the full size trees in the front.  I climbed this one.  Not pretty.

climbing big momma

This one is “Big Momma”.  Those are my tracks…barely made it up this one…but quite the view.   Really hard walking on the ridge in soft sand at 95 Fahrenheit.  Hike time:  48 minutes 32 seconds…but who’s counting.  New world record for middle aged Jewish guys.

IMG_2154I am hiking and my father is shoveling snow in Boston.  85 years young.  My hero.

Now back to Namibia….

himba woman

Himba woman.  Legit tribe of 50,000 in northern Namibia.  This was not a dressup for tourists.  they still cling to the ancient lifestyle.  And they are not stupid.  The tears were all a negotiating tactic during our haggling for some goods.  yes, I caved…I am a sucker for tears.


OK, now some animals and a quick contest – when I took this picture I got the sense she was saying:  “hey boy, who do you think you’re eyeballing”  What caption can you come up with?  I ran this on facebook and got some good ones.  The winner (as judged by me) gets a Wandering Capitalist Tee Shirt.  Get your comments in…

salt pan rhino cheetah

When was the last time you saw a huge salt pan, a rhino , and a cheetah in the same shot?  It has been awhile for me too…

Namibia  – any trip to Africa should include this place.  Tons of animals and tons of quite dunes in the desert.

Adios for now.

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