Setting The Table in Cape Town

Hey, Hey, Hey…

So settled into Cape Town finally…after getting over the jet lag, figuring out sim cards, and where to get the laundry done and groceries bought.  Next is getting the major tourist attractions out of the way…first up Table Mountain:

 from my balcony
view from my balcony

So THAT is Table Mountain.  It actually made one of the 7 natural wonders of the world in the recent 11.11.11 competition.  A lot of bragging about that…

Here is how you get up there:

Looking for Jaws - wasn't this in a James Bond Movie?
Looking for Jaws – wasn’t this in a James Bond Movie?


Here is some of what you see:

View IS wonderful
View IS wonderful

The island in the background is Robben Island, the place they had Mandela locked up for 18 out of 27 years.

What you think?  Nothing in USA made the list.  Thinking Grand Canyon could have had a shot.  What else?

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  1. Doobs- Glad you made it safe! Looking forward to your posts. Remember, when in doubt – say yes!

  2. Thanks for the update. Beautiful location and photos. Behave while your there, I’m not coming to break you out if end up on that island. Water looks beautiful, but to cold to swim from prison to shore.

  3. Glad to hear you made it safely. Kara was asking about you. She’s loving her semester away. “‘You look fantastic “. Be safe my friend

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