Meeting a Danish (or Dane?) in the land of Falafel


Hey Now:

Met a great couple from Denmark this past weekend.  Yes, we talked some politics and again it is quite apparent that Obama has been trying to lead us to the European way of things – right or wrong, good or bad,  this is a fact.

People from Europe love President Obama….mainly I think, because he wants us to be like them.

From our conversation I  also learned that people from Denmark like Americans.  This is good…especially since  in my experience this is  not always the case in other first world European countries.

I found this interview interesting for two reasons –

First,  Sanne has the same word that best describes herself as I do (now you got to play the video, don’t you?)

And 2nd, I find her comment on America especially relevant given the upheavals we are currently going thru as it relates to race relations.

My conclusion?  I am with Sanne and agree with her.  Additionally I am a strong believer that the truth is usually in the middle. Please check it out here (1:08)


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