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Three things to say about my visit to Havana:

  1. Don’t believe the hype.

It is absolutely hassle free to visit Cuba. The visa process is legal and done at your airport just prior to boarding. Passport stamped. No problems in or out.

2. Visit Cuba. It ‘s a BLAST.

The people are welcoming and friendly. The culture is unique and vibrant. it seems to me that everyone “pulls the rope” in the same direction…as they have to in order to get by. Help thy Neighbor.

A few fun facts:

Everyone makes $30 a month whether you are a cardiologist or bathroom attendant. Can you say “side hustle”?

Internet is purchased by the hour for your cell phone. See you at the park to find the local WiFi hot spot.

Rum is cheaper than bottled water. Riddle me THAT, batman…

3. The Military government runs the deal .

Bring extra toiletries and flip flops when you visit – you will be fast friends with the people.

No wandering questions in Cuba. People afraid.

Everyone under 45 years would move to the USA today –TRUTH.

They wait for THEIR Gorbachev moment.

And for your viewing pleasure, aqui hay un sabor de la habana:

la hospitalaria Habana
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