Kathmandu Field Trip – Saying Hello To Everest

The natural beauty of Nepal is beyond what pictures can capture. Let me try with a few pictures of my flight to Mount Everest yesterday:


Jeff Testa & Ken Haldeman have joined me on the Nepal/India segment of my trip. Grateful to have close friends joining me….travelling alone is great but only for so long…


Soulja, our helpful flight attendant. People from Nepal are striking…


I always get stuck by the wing….


this pic not my doing….way too good. Stunning.


My new “Everest Family”…they drove by bus all the way from Calcutta. Yes, we entertained them with our silliness.

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  1. Looks like a blast – very envious – gorgeous mountain – sure you do not want to try and climb it???
    How is work going – or is it 90% travel 10% work?

    Things here are going well – busy…

    Best regards,

  2. If anyone wants to conquer the fear of the flying that’s the trip. Breathtaking!! Go Gamecocks

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