The Finding Waldo Game Wandering Capitalist Style – 2nd Edition

Congratulations to my three good friends – Jim Geikie, Paul Alviti, and Scott Barnard – for correctly naming Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the first addition of Finding Waldo, Wandering Capitalist style.

Tee shirts on the way!

2nd addition – please name the capital city that I find myself in now….



Former French Colony….the French were real good at building monuments to themselves in their conquered lands…here another Arc de Triomphe.


View from top.

Independence in 1953. Monarchy out and turned Communist in 1975.

Land Locked country severely limits economic activity of their 6.5 million people. GDP per capita one of the lowest in the world at approx. $1400. Main sources of income are electric generation & metals export.


Salt factory.




Buddhist country…

So where am I? I am in the capital city of this truly interesting & engaging country (click on pics for bigger look).

Winner = Wandering Capitalist Tee shirt!

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  1. By the way I believe though these are additions to your web blog the proper phrasing is edition. Just saying 🙂

  2. Lost all my chips. Just reread the posting. City not country. Oops. Does it begin with a V?

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