Dateline Costa Rica – Beauty and The Beasts

Costa Rica is a magical place. Here is a one minute video for your viewing pleasure….think Hawaii 50 years ago:

The Rich Coast

Where the USA is a first world country, and Central American neighbors Honduras/El Salvador/Nicaragua are third world, I would put Costa Rica at a 1.8 world. Not bad at all. Low cost of living and low taxes BUT minimal services and lousy roads – pick your poison.

There are many cool animals in Costa Rica, …varmints too:

Miya really likes the bugs and they reciprocate:

“lets go grab a bite”


Could we live in Costa Rica? – Hell Yesss! But will we? Probably not as first world countries are…well…first.

Never forget how good we have it in the USA. Riddle me this – If we opened up our borders for anyone to leave or enter the country, would more people run in or out?

Adios for now.

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