do those that wander ever get lost?

Hey, Hey, Hey, Now!

Hello everybody & where the heck have I been, you ask? Well, lost some weight, got some hair plugs, and decided to pick up baseball and hockey again…

Many thanks to the fabulous Murray for the pics and for building that porch. I loved that porch.

Truth be told, Here was the highlight of 2018 – 1 year now and counting!

And now, having gained my sea legs, The Wandering Capitalist(s) is back. What’s different? Now there are two…and now our organization is a federally recognized 501C3 charity .


Just know that 100% of the money we raise goes to our three (3) charity partners BUILD-Greater Boston, NFTE – Chicago, and Future Founders of Chicago. 100%.

Great people doing great work.

By subscribing to my blog, you will learn more of what they do for sure…AND…still follow the rumblings and bumblings of The Wandering Capitalist (s), as we trip through our travels.

Next stop Europe. Never really spent alot of time there. Should be interesting.

Oh, and please check out our web page at:

This is now where you can donate directly to The Wandering Capitalist, 501C3 public charity (hint, hint). And yes, fully tax deductible – BAM!

And finally, a quote that I think summarizes Miya and I:

“To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.” – WE choose to go far.

Adios for now.

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The Wandering Capitalist is a non-profit foundation that raises money for organizations that serve at risk youths with an interest in entrepreneurship and small business ownership.

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