It is hard to resist – Florence and the Renaissance

So I never had a clue of the Renaissance and what it was. Now I know…started after the black dealth in the 1300s….explosion of art and philosophy and individualism. All Started in Florence.

(sidenote – whenever the bubonic plague comes up I always think of that Mel Brooks line…” alot of rats, not enough cats!” – but I digress)

So what is Florence like?

  • Tons O’ Tourists.
  • Tons of high end shopping . (strike two)
  • BUT…masterpieces around every corner which makes it a must visit.

Everyone knows this guy….the kid that felled Goliath:

And ironically, right next to Michelangelo’s masterwork is an ode to another famous Italian:

And I’m not lying

So sorry. But seriously, check out these two badass works of art:

Architecture too..for days:

And finally, who knew? The Renaissance was the beginning of the photo-bomb too:

she got me

Adios for now.

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