Roadtrip Colombia

Driving long distance in Colombia was a trip.

76 miles Cartagena to Barranquilla .

66 miles Barranquilla to Santa Marta.

142 miles Santa Marta to Cartegena.

Caribbean Coast.  Beautiful.

How is it to drive in Colombia?  Picture hilly two lane roads, large slow trucks, and long lines of cars passing on both sides at all times.  Solid lines – who cares?  Blind turns – no problem.

I thought I was playing Atari video.


Ever go into a hotel room and have it so polluted with bacteria that it made your head swim?  What happens if your partner is allergic?

“Down Goes Frazier! ”


New hotel booked from parking lot and away we go.

Soccer in Colombia is NFL football X 10.   World Cup qualifier vs. Paraguay?  X 100.


Going from hard Scrabble Barranquilla to Bohemian Santa Marta is like Travelling from Newark, NJ to Martha’s Vineyard. Ahhh….


Please check this short vid out to get a sense.  I love Colombia.





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    1. Hey Sue – great to hear from you. It looks like things are good for you…any chance to try another thanksgiving meetup?

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