Thoughts bouncing in my big head:

Damn, things are changing quickly nowadays….and I think people struggle to keep up.

Check out this cool video. I didn’t make it, my Iphone did (without asking):

“Tuscany , the land of wine and cured meats”

Cool pics below, yes? I took one ground photo and the phone did a “fly by” of the colosseum. I stopped it in mid flight…

We are just getting started, my friends…I don’t think we would even recognize the world 10 years from now, so buckle up. Artificial Intelligence will have a bigger impact on our lives than the internet has. I don’t know if this is good or bad…actually, I am sure both…but one thing I know for sure:

Be a quick learner and stay up to date. Embrace change or be left behind. Does this explain a lot of the populist movements going on around the world right now? I think so…

And don’t worry about your privacy, it’s already gone. Genie long out of bottle.


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