Hoi An Beach – Wandering Interview 1.0

So here is the first Wandering Interview…and let me just say, these interviews will be works in progress! Yes, you will have a hard time understanding Phi…but I had to post because she was such a cool person. The backstory: Phi is 29, married, with two small kids. It was 95 degrees the day we met and she was walking up and down the beach all day selling water & soft drinks, sunscreen, cards, and various trinkets. When I told her that I was from America she insisted on giving me a free soda in return for conversation so she could practice her English. Everyone wants to learn English. No, she would not let me buy the soda. Yes, so I bought something else – Tiger Balm. Cool, real person. Here is Phi:

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The Wandering Capitalist is a non-profit foundation that raises money for organizations that serve at risk youths with an interest in entrepreneurship and small business ownership.

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  1. My impression – Phi is a very happy person. I was waiting to hear your Vietnamese to help her with the questions, don’t you have an app for that? Be like the wind, bro.

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