Coronacation 2020

Hey, Hey, Hey –

So me and the little lady have decided to lay low for the next week or two in order to observe where this Corona virus is taking us all.

I am all about turning lemons in to lemonade……..CORONACATION 2020 !

Working from home is something I have done for 20 years. Try it, you’ll like it. Here is the view from the global headquarters of The Wandering Capitalist (i.e. my home office):

The Wandering Capitalist – A Room With A View

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And what are we doing to entertain ourselves? Enter Ollie stage left….our family Harvard graduate:

Ollie – he thinks he is a Collie

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I think the most important skill to have now…in 2020…is to be good at coping with or better yet thriving in change…you gotta go with the flow or the tide will wash you away. Corona is here and then will go away. We will survive it…but then, of course…. there will be the next thing.

Death, Taxes, and now you can add Change – always.

BE THE STORM (watch 1st vid for explanation).

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