To Thine Own Selfie Be True

Hey, Hey , Hey Ladies & Germs:

Unbelievable but true…Several people besides my mother (ok,  two)  have asked that I include more pics of yours truly in these posts.  My humbleness and shy disposition typically preclude me from doing this….but….you got to give the customer what they want!

And AWAAAYY we go:

The path I'm on took me to this place.
The path I’m on (get it?) took me here.

And you know this place, right?  Too easy for a Tee Shirt.  Parthenon.  447 BC.  All Greek to me.


Lots of waling at the Kotel
Lots of waling at the Kotel

Cool energy at this place…the epicenter of Judaism.  Yes, contructed in “only”  20 BC but this is the 2nd Temple.  the First Temple, Soloman’s Temple,  was built on this site in  957 BC.  Remnants remain.  Sorry Greeks, we got you beat.


First pic in Jerusalem
First pic in Jerusalem

Shoutout to my buddy Lou for donating the hat.  Go Reading Rockets.  She liked the hat more than me unfortunately.


"This is MY house"
“This is MY house”

Channeling my inner Bedouin at Petra, Jordan.


Note to self - double chins lead to sleep apnea
Note to self – double chins lead to sleep apnea

He wasn’t smiling when I was riding him.


And finally:

Woman with Spear
I call this shot “Woman with Spear.”

No, this isn’t a picture of me but I figured you would be sick of my mug at this point.  I dare say who doesn’t like a woman with a spear?

Adios/Shalom for now.






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  1. Awesome. Cant wait to kick back a half bottle of fine scotch and hear about the trip.

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