Goodbye Tel Aviv and Good Morning Jerusalem!

So…after 27 days outside of the Good Ole’ US of A I have now reached the halfway point of the trip.  What a blast!

I bid Tel Aviv adieu and am heading to Jerusalem, literally a city of the World.


Hey Now. Hands of a champion
Hey Now. Hands of a champion


I have put in 140 miles walking so far which comes out to over 5 miles per day!  This means $9.78/mile or $1,369.20 thus far goes to BUILD Boston, NIFTE Chicago, and Future Founders Chicago from the Wandering Capitalist.

It is my pleasure.

I was hoping that if you have not donated this year…or heaven forbid, ever….that you would consider making a small donation to help underprivileged kids in Boston & Chicago.   Have you liked some of these stupid/silly/sometimes serious posts just a little?  $5.00 or $1000  would be great.  Help make our country even GREATER by supporting the next generation….by supporting kids who need a little nudge.  Do you remember when that someone was there for you when you needed a little push?  Remember?

Please goto and look for the “Donate” button on the left.

Here is what I am getting myself into now:

Old City - home of three religions
Old City – home of three religions


Giddy Up.

And finally,  never forget:           Life = Subject to Change

Adios for….or better yet, Shalom for now,

Brian, The Wandering Capitalist


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