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Hello Ladies & Germs –

Yea,  so the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth on dry land.  For those of you who like a lot of salt on your fries….this is the place for you.

Check out this quick vid (55 sec):


So, there is not much to do at the resorts here except enjoy the sea and hang by the pool.  Each hotel comes with breakfast and dinner included because there is no tourist infrastructure outside of the actual hotels themselves.  One  interesting thing about my 1 night stay was that I was basically the youngest person there.  The place was full of Russian couples…old Russian couples….who like to sit in the salt for the therapeutic benefits.  Going to the buffet dinner was a trip.  Each wife sent the husband up to grab about 10 apples and 4 loaves of bread…so that he could pass off to the wife and set a screen for her to stuff in her oversized purse!

Saw at least 8 couples do this maneuver.  Funny.

Now I know where my Russian grandma got it when she was stealing butter at the local diner – Hah!

That is one thing about Israel.  Although everyone nearly looks the same, most everyone is an immigrant.  Immigrants from all over the world who all basically look alike.  One people.  My people.

Nothing like our great mixing pot…

Israel 7.8 million people.  Since the 1990s nearly 1 million Russian Jews have emigrated.  More Russian Jews in Israel than in Russia.

That’s a lot of apples and loaves of bread.

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Let the stupid reindeer games begin!

Adios for now.

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    1. Hey Jethro – great to see you are now participating….you were not the first…but did get correct answer….tee shirt coming your way! Send me address via email so I can make it happen.
      Always great to here from you, my friend.

    1. Roy, as usual….late to the party! Glad you are alive! You owe me a phone call.
      Hope things are good with you and the family. Will see you before the year is out hopefully…need to get to Montreal.
      Talk soon.
      (PS – tee shirt on the way anyway…for my oldest best friend.)

  1. Hi Brian. . . .Enjoyed the Dead Sea on your blog. Was that Bibi N. in the photo? Just curious. Enjoy your trip and thanx for sharing.

    I usually speak to your mom and dad every week. They seem to like where they are now.

    Beverly Johnson


    1. Hello Bevery – thanks for communicating! No, wasn’t Bibi….he won’t return my calls! Hope you are doing well…you are a longtime best friend to my parents and the whole family appreciates you. Really. All the best.

      Please keep the comments coming. I love hearing from you.

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