How The Game Is Played

Concerning politicians, my father has a standard joke in his repertoire and it goes like this:

Murray: “How do you know a politician is lying?”

Answer: “His lips are moving” – Hah!

“I’m not a crook”

I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am a businessman who votes for pragmatic problem solvers – how about them apples !

Here is an example of how the game is played:

Dad to son:  "  I got someone I want you to marry."   
Son to dad:  "  Are you crazy, I will marry who I want."
Dad to son:  "  She is the grand daughter of Warren Buffet."
Son to dad:  "  Hmmmm..."

Dad to Warren Buffet:  "  I want my son to marry your grand daughter."
Warren to dad:  "  Are you crazy, who the heck is your son ???"
Dad to Warren:  "  My son is the heir apparent to the CEO of NASDAQ."
Warren to dad:  "  Hmmm..."

Dad to NASDAQ CEO:  "  I want my son to be your Heir apparent."
NASDAQ CEO to dad:  "  Are you crazy, Who the heck is your son?"
Dad to NASDAQ CEO:  "  My son is engaged to Warren Buffet's grand daughter."
NASDAQ CEO to dad:  "Hmmm..."  

Oy Vay.

CAn you say TERM LIMITS? Hmmm…

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