40 days to liftoff

40 days from this moment I will be on a plane to Xi’an, China to hang with the Terracotta Warriors.  the final itinerary is set – 10 countries,112 days, 4 miles walking per day.

China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, & Israel.  Why these you ask?  I say, why not?  True answer…I like different.

So one thing I have already learned…dealing with Governments & their bureaucracy is BS.  From jump street I  like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Israel better – no visas required for Americans.  Cambodia & Bangladesh want to know where you are going…but at least you can file at arrival.  It is like they are saying “Come in and help us grow! ” The others want applications, work histories, invitation letters, itineraries, hotels, passport pictures, company letters saying you are who you say you are…all done perfectly  or please resubmit with another application fee.   This isn’t a system of government thing…the worst – India, is a democracy…followed closely by China, communist.  My spin – I think visa rules tell you real quick who your friends are…

adios to winter in Chicago
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  1. Cool picture. Hope you have a twitter account set up before go-just in case some place,like cambodia decides to hide you somewhere….

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