“I’m Rubber and Your Glue….”

Hey, Hey, Hey….

So I visited the Dome of the Rock just the other day (nice rhyme, yes?) .

Awesome work of Muslim architecture:


Built 691 AD
Built 691 AD


only Muslims may enter unfortunately
only Muslims may enter unfortunately


This Iconic Structure is found at the Temple Mount of course, in the Old City of Jerusalem.   The Foundation Stone  within is the site of Abraham’s attempted sacrifice of his son… Isaac or Ishmael (pick your religion).

Same place…two religions…two stories.

“Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.”





Goodbye Tel Aviv and Good Morning Jerusalem!

So…after 27 days outside of the Good Ole’ US of A I have now reached the halfway point of the trip.  What a blast!

I bid Tel Aviv adieu and am heading to Jerusalem, literally a city of the World.


Hey Now. Hands of a champion
Hey Now. Hands of a champion


I have put in 140 miles walking so far which comes out to over 5 miles per day!  This means $9.78/mile or $1,369.20 thus far goes to BUILD Boston, NIFTE Chicago, and Future Founders Chicago from the Wandering Capitalist.

It is my pleasure.

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Here is what I am getting myself into now:

Old City - home of three religions
Old City – home of three religions


Giddy Up.

And finally,  never forget:           Life = Subject to Change

Adios for….or better yet, Shalom for now,

Brian, The Wandering Capitalist


Come See the Dead Sea – On the Down Low with The Wandering Capitalist

Hello Ladies & Germs –

Yea,  so the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth on dry land.  For those of you who like a lot of salt on your fries….this is the place for you.

Check out this quick vid (55 sec):


So, there is not much to do at the resorts here except enjoy the sea and hang by the pool.  Each hotel comes with breakfast and dinner included because there is no tourist infrastructure outside of the actual hotels themselves.  One  interesting thing about my 1 night stay was that I was basically the youngest person there.  The place was full of Russian couples…old Russian couples….who like to sit in the salt for the therapeutic benefits.  Going to the buffet dinner was a trip.  Each wife sent the husband up to grab about 10 apples and 4 loaves of bread…so that he could pass off to the wife and set a screen for her to stuff in her oversized purse!

Saw at least 8 couples do this maneuver.  Funny.

Now I know where my Russian grandma got it when she was stealing butter at the local diner – Hah!

That is one thing about Israel.  Although everyone nearly looks the same, most everyone is an immigrant.  Immigrants from all over the world who all basically look alike.  One people.  My people.

Nothing like our great mixing pot…

Israel 7.8 million people.  Since the 1990s nearly 1 million Russian Jews have emigrated.  More Russian Jews in Israel than in Russia.

That’s a lot of apples and loaves of bread.

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Let the stupid reindeer games begin!

Adios for now.

The Wandering Capitalist is Roll’in into Golan

Hey Now Everybody –

Israel is a lot like Chicago and New Jersey.  In what way do you say?  Well,  Israel has the same amount of people as Chicago (just under 8 million) and physically is the size of NJ.

An a lot of Jews of course!

Point is, to drive from one tip to the other takes just under 6 hours.  This is like doing my Chicago to Evansville “pilgrimage”  that I do every month back home.  SHHHit.

Change in strategy – Just rent a car and roll.

Be like the wind.

Quick comment on the Golan Heights – I was up at the Syrian border and they have UN soldiers observing the “demilitarized zone” between the two countries. … making sure agreements are kept and no surprise attacks happen.  From this perch, you can literally watch the civil war going on…crazy.  Two points they made…one is Syria wants the Golan back badly…and two Israel will NEVER give it back.  Why?  Never give up the high ground.  A truism of war for time eternal.

Something tells me Syria has enough problems of there own at the moment…

Here is a pic of the border.  You guessed it, Israel ends where the greenery ceases…

Israel-Syria border


So I drove around Golan.  From Wine to War to Ruins.  I went to this one archaeological site…a tel  of the ancient city of Dan.  This place was mentioned in the Bible!  Abraham was there…yea THAT Abraham…and now Brian.  vid 1:18