Life = Subject to Change

Hello everyone:

I am back from the Asia segment of the 2014 Wandering Capitalist trip to raise money for BUILD – Great Boston. Yes, I decided to break the trip up into two halves…Asia, just completed, and then Isreal & the Middle East. The plan is to be in Tel Aviv for New years Eve (hey, that rhymes..) in order to tour that region of the world while raising money for BUILD. It is just serendipity that I am not in Israel at this moment during this most recent Isreal invasion into Gaza. Bullet dodged.

Here is the travel map of my trip just completed:

asia segment twc 2014

Some stats on the trip were:

75 days long (by luck, I found this to be an ideal length)
8 countries visited.
26208 miles traveled (fyi: give me this one brag – earth circumference = 24901 miles).
27 different beds over the 75 days (yes, I be move’en).
343 mile walked (4.6 miles per day) which means $3355 donated to BUILD.
67 overall donors for a total of $18939.58 raised for BUILD – Greater Boston. Thank You!
103 blog followers.
30 blog posts (this being 30) with 178 comments made by YOU!
3658 views to the web page (

Doing things in parallel is good. I had a BLAST, did some business, and raised some money for a great organization providing much needed work for the future of OUR country.

The campaign continues thru February 2015… hitting the road again New Years Eve/Tel Aviv.

Your support and friendship is the best.

kaawp khoon khaap.

P.S. – the first one to post what language I just said “thank you” in gets a tee shirt. Hey Now!
HINT: this is from my favorite country out of the 8.

Surreal Hindu

Swastikas are a common sight in India. The swastika has been around since the 1st millennium BC and literally means “well being” in the Sanskrit language. Today, it is a symbol of good luck in the Hindu religion, representing the four faces of Brahma, one of their 3 most important gods. Of course, the Nazi party took the Swastika as their own in the 1920s. Today, this symbol is illegal in Germany.


The Pashupatinath temple in one of the most important Hindu temples of Shiva in the world. Shiva is also one of the three most important gods….the third being Vishnu. Here people are cremated within 48 hours of death. First they are washed and blessed in the Bagmati River…


Then the eldest son present shaves his head…..and the bodies are cremated as the families sit and watch. Remember, one philosophy of Hinduism is reincarnation.