Kathmandu Field Trip – Saying Hello To Everest

The natural beauty of Nepal is beyond what pictures can capture. Let me try with a few pictures of my flight to Mount Everest yesterday:


Jeff Testa & Ken Haldeman have joined me on the Nepal/India segment of my trip. Grateful to have close friends joining me….travelling alone is great but only for so long…


Soulja, our helpful flight attendant. People from Nepal are striking…


I always get stuck by the wing….


this pic not my doing….way too good. Stunning.


My new “Everest Family”…they drove by bus all the way from Calcutta. Yes, we entertained them with our silliness.

Fresh Food Markets – Laos

WARNING – Some of the following images may not be suitable for young or queasy viewers
(in the Blog Business, this is known as a TEASE…)

Whole Foods

Bad camera work, but hopefully you get the gist….




Tastes like chicken?


Tastes like iguana?


in all of Asia people do not say “takeout”….this is “take away”…


Luang Prabang morning market


Frogs DO taste like chicken, don’t they?


Meat section.

Post Script – Please congratulate Alison Svoboda as the “winner, winner, chicken dinner” of the Find Waldo – 2nd Edition. Tee shirt on the way, Alison!

The Finding Waldo Game Wandering Capitalist Style – 2nd Edition

Congratulations to my three good friends – Jim Geikie, Paul Alviti, and Scott Barnard – for correctly naming Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the first addition of Finding Waldo, Wandering Capitalist style.

Tee shirts on the way!

2nd addition – please name the capital city that I find myself in now….



Former French Colony….the French were real good at building monuments to themselves in their conquered lands…here another Arc de Triomphe.


View from top.

Independence in 1953. Monarchy out and turned Communist in 1975.

Land Locked country severely limits economic activity of their 6.5 million people. GDP per capita one of the lowest in the world at approx. $1400. Main sources of income are electric generation & metals export.


Salt factory.




Buddhist country…

So where am I? I am in the capital city of this truly interesting & engaging country (click on pics for bigger look).

Winner = Wandering Capitalist Tee shirt!

Shoutout to Ayele Shakur & then a “finding Waldo” contest

The talented Opp Napapron
The talented Opp Napapron

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And now to the contest. Can anyone figure out in what city this picture was taken? The first person (who I haven’t told that I was going there) with the right answer gets a free Wandering Capitalist Tee shirt along with 10 complimentary “Material Applications” lip balms mailed to your home.

Easy killer, slow down…don’t get too excited, you’ll hurt yourself!

Playing Waldo - where am I?
Playing Waldo – wher am I?

You can click on the pic to blow it up.

Now some interesting hints on this location:

1. This is the capital city of a country which is 65% Muslim, 20% Chinese, and 15% Hindu Indian
2. They all get along and therefore the economy grows (go figure). GPD per capita comes in at a respectable US$10,380 ($15,000 is considered a requirement for “developed country” status…they target 2020 for this achievement).

Now for some facts I found interesting:

3. If you are Muslim, it is against the law to change religions.
4. By law, Muslim men can marry up to 4 wives. Indians and Chinese can only have one.

My comment – this may seem weird to most from western cultures, but again, everyone seems to get along…and the standard of living continues to rise. Do what works. Norms are different in different parts of the world.

OK – where am I??

Learning as I go about blogging – email followers go to blog to view videos

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Adios for now.


PS bonus pic – a look see into one of the Pagodas:


Sunrise and Sunset in Bagan, Myanmar

Don’t forget to pack bare feet when visiting Bagan.

Super cool place. You can feel the energy. Bagan is an ancient city in the Mandalay region of Myanmar dating from the 9th century. With over 4000 Pagodas and Stupas, it is one of the major archaeological regions in the world.

Bonus points for anyone who can tell me the difference between a Pagoda and a Stupa (This is what you call good Buddhist trivia).

In each structure is a statue of Buddha. No shoes allowed inside and the ground is smoking hot!

Here are a video and pic from sunrise:


And sunset: