My packing list for 4 months/10 countries

stuff for trip


2 pairs of shorts (1 pair doubles as swim suit)
2 pairs of Jeans
1 pair Patagonia pants/shorts combo
2 pair underwear (usually commando)
4 pair socks
5 tee/pullover shirts
3 pair button down shirts – one long sleeve(I know I will never wear…)
2 plastic dress shirt stays for collars (of course plastic. be gone metal stays)
1 pair sandles/1 pair casual hiking shoes(double as dress shoes)
1 hidden money belt with 6 $100 bills stashed
2 money belt wallets ( one exclusive passport holder – no can lose or BIG trouble)
1 standard wallet with money, license, credit cards
1 “vintage dude” baseball hat (thanks Harry & Susan!)
1 pair shades & 1 pair standard glasses


1 computer/charger cord
1 IPhone/charger cord & 2 plug-ins (primary camera, music/movies, book/mag reader, real-time translator)
1 gopro video camera & charge cord (must figure out on plane ride!)
1 fitbit/charger to track miles walked (backup also)
1 outlet adapter kit
1 USB cord operated portable backup charger
1 micro jump drive (have no clue why, but it is small..)
1 security token & backup for wiring money from computer
1 pair of apple headphones


5 silver coins/5 Susan B. Anthony coins for gifts
5 “Material Applications” swag lip balms for gifts (for people I really don’t like but need a gift)
1 multi-tool (everyone needs a multi-tool)
1 magic thumb (hey now! if you don’t know,I ain’t telling)
1 nail clipper
1 stack biz cards
1 pair swim goggles
1 long cord lock/2 luggage locks
1 baggie toiletries (deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor & cream, floss)
1 Vagabonding paperback (Author Rolf Potts – a must read for extended travelers. Reading again on plane.)
1 passport with all required visa stamps (holding breath on this one…)
10 extra passport pics to cross national borders


88 malaria pills (gulp)
Deet insect repellent/SPF 50 sunscreen (mosquitos = terrorists on jihad)
3 clean plastic syringes (think needing a shot in the outback of India…)
Trandrilax & Prednisolone for back issues (just in case…)
Alpuranol for my gout (or as I call it – my “big toe” meds)
altitude pills (think visiting Everest)
self-treatment diarrhea pills(anti-biotic, prediction: my new best friends…)


1 twenty-one inch roller bag (carry-on compatible)
1 Patagonia messenger bag
1 surfacemaker drybag (good for typhoon season & laundry bag)

Do you remember what Buggs Bunny always says?
“that’s all folks”.

Talk to you in Asia.

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